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At Be Well Massage, a 60 minute massage is a full 60 minutes on the table.
If you'd like, feel free to arrive a few minutes before your appointment starts.
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Convenient Mid-town Location in the
Northern Lights Professional Building
       (lots of parking)
      (Northern Lights and Cordova)
Anchorage, AK 99503
(907) 250-2693
Due to experience with my own injuries and finding Therapeutic Massage as a way to get relief, maintain physical comfort, and prevent further injury, my educational focus has been in courses designed to help you get pain relief, more motion and easier mobility. I have taken continuing education courses in both Deep Tissue and NMT (Neuromuscular Therapy/Advanced Deep Tissue.) I usually incorporate these techniques, as well as Trigger Point Therapy into a base of light to moderate pressure Swedish Massage. I often can also offer ideas that you can use at home or work to prolong the benefits of massage.

What is the difference between Deep Tissue and Deep Swedish?

Deep Tissue massage differs from Swedish in that Deep Tissue Massage is specific, anatomically accurate, addresses trigger points, Myofascial restrictions and muscle restrictions, while Swedish massage primarily works by increasing blood flow and retraining the nervous system, and is more general in nature.


Does deep tissue massage always have to be a lot of pressure?

Not really- although it is different than Swedish because it does focus on releasing the muscles, which sometimes requires deep pressure. The real question is "should that deep pressure hurt, or be painful?" and the answer to that is "NO!"
If compared to Swedish massage, a deep tissue session will be much more firm, and probably include more static pressure work than continuous work (as compared to Swedish massage). But many areas take fairly light pressure, and will release completely with gentle, light pressure- the front of the neck is a good example of an area that doesn't require deep pressure. It's all about the appropriate level of pressure, and being able to give that to a client. Someone trained in Deep Tissue massage should be able to give a variety of appropriate pressures, responding to what the client needs!
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